Sunday, 17 February 2013

Valentines pancakes and cake

Week 5
Spring and love in the air, it was Pancake Day and 
Valentines Day all in one week, and  I managed to get 
everything I needed for £50.62!! so I didn't manage to 
save my overspend from previous weeks, but it did 
mean we had enough ingredients to make carrot cake 
on Sunday

Valentines Day is Calvin and my anniversary so I 
planned a three course meal. 
It cost £11.09 

Smoked Salmon Mousse 
Blend Yoghurt cream cheese 40p with smoked salmon 
trimmings 98p season with lime juice and pepper
Homemade oatcakes 20p

Moule et frite
Saute an onion 5p wild garlic free toss in 1 kilo mussels £4.50 
and half a can cider 50p
Hand make chips 50p

Flour 5p Dark Sainsburys Basic chocolate 2 bars 66p 
Sugar 30p Cocoa 5p 5 eggs 60p 
cooking butter 25p

Berry Ice Cream 
Condensed milk 50p Elmlea light double cream 85p 
Cup of custard 20p Frozen berries 50p

Half term this week and I have a hungry teenager at home. Dexter loves sushi so we are off to Win Yip for Nori £1.34!! and pickled ginger. 

Next weeks menu

MONDAY Pork chorizo and spinach paella
TUESDAY My brother Ian's Spiced Cauliflower soup with 
almond and harissa
WEDNESDAY Chicken and leek pie
THURSDAY Pasta with Wild Garlic pesto
FRIDAY Thai chicken curry
SATURDAY Tortilla beetroot walnut and blue cheese salad
SUNDAY Roast beef/lamb

Packed lunches homelunch and breakfasts included in budget


Olive oil sunflower oil dishwasher tablets shampoo Lemon squash 
crackers cereal coffee sushi nori pickled ginger bacon cheese 
fruit bread crumpet oats butterbeans eggs sugar lemons 
flaked almonds chorizo cauliflower puff pastry pasta crab sticks 
vegetables walnuts natural yoghurt butter x2 milk roast 
Est £63

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