Thursday, 7 March 2013

Lemon Semolina cake and Parsnip Rostis

Week Seven and my daughter is home at the weekend so I have made her a lovely cake, but my son doesn't like Lemon Semolina cake so I made him a coffee cake as well. Total shopping bill £58

Weeks Menu
Stir fry beef noodles and spring rolls
Leek and chicken pie
Linguine with bacon, mushroom and pesto
Bean gorganzola stuffed red peppers with couscous
Chilli con Carne with rice
Meatballs in tomato tortilla and salad
Cous cous salad
Roast Chicken        

Vegetable spring rolls makes 20
Half pack spring roll sheets                                £1
2 carrots
4 spring onions
2 handfuls beansprouts
2 cabbage leaves 2 slices ginger 1 clove garlic  50p
Either plum sauce soy sauce mirrin oyster sauce  10p
I had a glut of plums two years ago and made plum sauce
Cornflour                                             Total £1.60

Finely shred veg don't grate as it makes them to wet. Stir fry till soft
Add 1 tbsp of sauce less if using soy
Tip wok sideways to let juices drain allow to cool
Keep spring roll squares in a damp cloth if they dry up they will crack
Put in a desertspoon of filling
Roll up folding in the sides seal with cornflour paste
Keep covered as you make them, and store in a single layer or with
clingfilm between.
I froze mine to use later.
Deep fry in a wok until golden retain oil for later use

Leek and chicken pie for 2/3
3 chicken thighs £1.50
1 leek 30p
1 onion 5p
1/4pt milk 25p
2 bayleaves
1 tbsp Flour 5p
1/2 packet puff pastry 50p
Butter 10p
Oil 5p                                               Total £2.80  

Poach chicken thighs in the milk with bayleaves until meat is cooked and soft enough to removes from bones. Keep the milk
Meanwhile soften leeks and onions in butter
Remove meat and chop up you can use the skin as well if you want to
Add flour to the leeks and stir to make a roux add the milk slowly to make a
thick sauce, add the chicken
Roll the pastry into two equal sized rectangles
Put on on a baking tray no need to grease as pastry shouldnt stick
Layer on the chicken leek mix
Lay other pastry rectangle on top and seal the edges
Put two holes and make slash marks not all the way through
You can brush the top with egg the rest to use in a cake
Bake in a medium oven till crispy and golden

Lemon semolina rosemary cake                                                                                                                                            
Not only delicious but dairy free if needed
1 cup semolina (you can use cornmeal)  2p
1 cup ground almonds 50p
1 tsp baking powder
3 eggs 36p
3/4 cup olive oil
1 cup caster /soft brown sugar 25p
Desert spoon icing sugar 5p
2 lemons and zest 20p
Rosemary finely chopped free          Total £1.78
Mix dry ingredients in a bowl
Blend very well oil, juice and zest of lemons, sugar and eggs
Mix together add some rosemary to your taste
Pour the mixture into greased cake tin not loose bottomed
as the mixture is runny
Bake in a medium oven until brown and firm about 35 mins
Leave to cool and cover with icing sugar
Could substitute rosemary for poppyseeds thyme or lavender

Parsnip rosti with cream cheese for 2/3
2 red onions 20p
250g parsnips 50p
1 med potato 20p
1 egg 18p
2tbsp flour  5p
Knob of butter 20p
Olive oil 20p
Homemade cream cheese 50p
Capers 10p                                    Total £2.63 

Slice onion heat some of the butter and oil and fry them till soft and maybe a bit crispy
Meanwhile combine grated parsnip, potato with liquid squeezes out with the beaten egg and flour. Season and form into flat cakes. Fry in oil and butter till golden
Serve with a dollop of cream cheese on each one then onions and capers

Preserved lemons
4 lemons 50p
Salt                                          Total 55p

Cut the lemons in quarters but not right through
Put in a pan of very salted water and simmer for 20 mins
When cool put in a jar and wait a couple of weeks if you can

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