Sunday, 20 January 2013

Feeding the family on £50

SUNDAY 20TH 2013
As a cash strapped family of four (now sometimes three as daughter has gone to university) we are always looking for good cheap ways to eat. I am attempting to live on £50 per week food and household goods. 
Each week I will draw up a menu and shopping list. I shop at various supermarkets and sometimes markets.
I run a shop so I am time poor as well, but always cook from scratch. We are lucky enough to have an allotment though not that successful so although self sufficient in some herbs I still have to buy fruit and vegetables.
I will also fess up when I have to buy extras. Breakfast is muesli toast cereal or porridge except weekend when we have FEB on Saturday and Muffins/Pancakes on Sunday and packed lunch for me and my husband

WEEK ONE This is what I have planned let's see if I can bring it in on budget. I will shop at Lidl this week
Pork chorizo spinach paella adapted from the Moro Cookbook 
I dont need to buy pork as we had Roast on Sunday Stock made from veg peelings

Lentil soup and garlic bread

Chorizo Potatos from Nigel Slater using rest of Mondays chorizo with salad

Fatayars stuffed with squash feta and pinenuts from the Moro Cookbook

Homemade burgers and coleslaw

Bacon egg beans toms
Cheese toasties
Pasta al tonno

Banana pancakes 
Roast chicken with roast potatos veg and gravy
Fruit crumble and icecream

Argh my estimate for this and lunch ingredients fruit etc comes in at £64 but I always overestimate a bit then search out bargain prices. If I had more time I would scour for better deals but not this week. I luckily don't need any household goods this week

Rice {paella type if poss}   Minced beef   Butter   Pasta   Tinned tomato   Red Lentils 
Chorizo   Fresh Chillies   Garlic Bread   Fruit £4   Snack £2  Bread   Sandwich fillings £2
Spinach   Popping corn  Lemon Squash   Muesli   Yoghurt fruit   Yoghurt natural
Onions   Whole Chicken   Eggs Bacon   Beans  Coffee Tea  Milk  
Peppers red and green   Stock cubes   Potatoes 3 big ones inc   Cheese £3 see what I can get
Bread flour   yeast   Butternut Squash   Pinenuts   Feta
Tomatoes   Cucumber  Carrots  Cabbage

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