Saturday, 26 January 2013

Week one how it went

As the first week comes to an end we are well fed and pleased with the results. I had to spend an extra £3.45 on milk yoghurt and Lemon squash so my total spend was £55. We were very pleased with the pizza, fatayers and banana bread. Next week I will be shopping at Dulwich Farmers Market Lidl and Sainsburys plus the lovely Turkish Shop on Forest Hill Road.
Feta chorizo and pesto Pizza
Butternut Squash and yoghurt spread toasted seeds and skin crisps
Chorizo and pork paella

Vegetable stock cubes

Squash feta and pinenut Fatayers
Tomato pepper and onion salad

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  1. This is so brilliant. Great idea and most inspirational in this time of austerity!