Monday, 21 January 2013

Getting the shopping


My shop is closed on Mondays so this is my day for doing all the household chores. Get out my shopping trolley and walk to Peckham. As I was on foot I stopped off in Asda, list in had i am thrilled with the savings I make on my estimated prices. Always on the lookout for reduced goods i go offlist and get some sausages as well. We only buy decent sausages with a high meat content these have 90% so not to bad. I road test their economy baked beans so we'll see what we think on Saturday. Bill comes in at £28.05! Trundle along Rye Lane which has many great African Caribbean and Indian food stores. Not many veg stalls today but picked up a huge white cabbage and broccoli for £1 and a massive sack of onions for £1 so they will keep us going for a month! I really like the fruit and veg in Lidl and know they have good chorizo pinenuts etc. Spend £20.47 

TOTAL £51.52
But I actually got extra things beigels dried fruit sausages so could have come in under budget!
From each evening meal I wiil set aside some for my packed lunch and freeze extra soup
Am also going to make pizza bases and flat bread for the freezer

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